Top Five Fashion Tips for Pear Shapes

Top Five Fashion Tips for Pear Shapes

f you have a pear shaped body, then, like me, you probably long for a smaller bum and thighs. It's not that my thighs and bum are huge, it's just that there are certain styles of trousers and jeans that I would love to be able to wear, but can't. Every spring, it seems that the high street is teasing me with acid, candy or jewel coloured skinny jeans that look fabulous on the rail but awful when I try them on. The thing I've learned though, is that no matter how much I wish I could wear bright denim jeans, sticking to what suits my shape is definitely the best option. The art of looking good is to highlight your best bits and so, unfortunately, those bright denim skinnies will have to stay on the shelf.

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