Top 5 tips for juggling business and children

Top 5 tips for juggling business and children | Joanne Dewberry | Joanne Dewberry I’m asked a lot “how do you juggle business and children?“, “when do you sleep? I never have time to do anything“, “I feel guilty trying to work when the children are about“. Okay, so lets quash a myth right now… I’m not superwoman, I do sleep and occasionally I do hand my children over to the TV nanny in favour of sewing or writing. Does that make me a bad mummy? No!

Work life balance will mean something different to everyone. Everyone will have a different take and a different way that works for them. My balance is simple compromise and the children ultimately come first. I am the mum at soft play with notebook in hand scribbling away. I do hang my washing out at 9 o’clock at night and I block book as many meetings as I can back to back when my children are at pre-school. Yes I am a multitasking master.

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