Top 5 Life Lessons

Top 5 Life Lessons

The lovely Kate Takes 5 has made a storming return to her Listography linky with her fabulous post about her Top 5 Life Lessons. Here are mine:-

1) Don't be afraid to make a tit of yourself. Now I am properly old I have decided life is too short to turn down opportunities through fear of embarrassing yourself. Take this coming weekend- I am on a panel at Mumsnet Blogfest that sees me sitting alongside some luminaries of comic writing. I could have said 'No, I am not worthy', but I said yes. I don't know as much as them, there is every chance I will make a fool of myself and I will be properly terrified on the day, but I know I will be proud of myself for giving it a shot. Pop a toe outside your comfort zone sometimes, unless you are near one of those fish pedicure things, in which case run away fast.

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