Top 5 Disney Themes for Shared Bedrooms

Top 5 Disney Themes for Shared Bedrooms

If you have twins of a different sex or a boy and a girl of any age that need to share a bedroom, decorating can be an even bigger headache than when they start to bicker over who has the best toys and who loves Mummy and Daddy more. However, you don’t need to decide to go for a neutral bedroom colour just to keep the peace. Your children can still have a fun themed bedroom like all their friends do, you just need to be clever with how you do it.

Don’t worry, we’re not about to suggest you decorate your nursery as 50% Disney Princess and 50% Ultimate Spiderman. Instead, you simply need to shop around for the Disney bedroom ideas that fit brilliantly for both boys and for girls at the same time.

Here are Kids Wall Stickers’ top five suggestions.

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