Top 3 Reasons I Looked Like Crap Post Baby.

Top 3 Reasons I Looked Like Crap Post Baby.

There has been a lot written about post baby bodies recently. But for me it was not the post baby body that  I was concerned with more the post baby everything else.

1.  Terrible Clothes.

If you choose to breastfeed be prepared to enter fashion hell.

The first time you put on a nursing bra with its cheeky little peek-a-boo effect your partner will find it exciting. Several months later slightly yogurty smelling underwear with nipple windows will contain no erotic charge whatsoever.

The main priority for clothing while you are breastfeeding is that your nipples should always be easily accessible –  an article Grazia has yet to write even in their current royal baby mania.

Of course there are plenty of outfits that have accessible nipples as a key feature but they are not necessarily what you would want to be wearing as the mother of a small baby.

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