Top 10 things you need to do in Vilamoura

Top 10 things you need to do in Vilamoura

Well howdy all, how the devil are you?

Hasn’t the sunshine just been fabulous? Its presence undoubtedly makes a positive difference and was a welcome sight when my friend and I returned from a short break in Vilamoura in Portugal last Sunday.

Leaving sunshine to be greeted by more sunshine when we got back was certainly a double win.

Why it’s good to get away…….

My friend and I use this carefree, child free, partner/husband free time to make plans for the future and completely relax without having to worry about time schedules and appointments. We undoubtedly miss them, but they always benefit upon our return ;-)

But just as good to come home

I always come back feeling refreshed, focused and ready to take on new challenges. In fact last year I even met someone and fell in love!. Not what you might think, by the way!

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