Top 10 Things That make me feel really Christmassy

Top 10 Things That make me feel really Christmassy

Ho Ho Ho people!

What makes you feel like it really is nearly Christmas? It does take me quite a while sometimes now that I’m all grown up to really feel the festive vibe. However, when I was a child there were certain family traditions (seems mostly things we ate!) that would bring my excitement to fever pitch.

I wanted to share them with you today as it’s nearly time for me to sign off from blogging for a little while to do some partying and enjoy the festivities.

1. The Yule Log

Traditionally we bought a chocolate swiss roll and slathered it with chocolate buttercream icing, made with cocoa powder, icing sugar and butter. We would drag the icing with a fork to make it look like bark and then sprinkled it with icing sugar for the snow effect.

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