Too Young to Die. Risks Posed to Young Drivers

Too Young to Die. Risks Posed to Young Drivers » Verily Victoria Vocalises

Like any Mum, one of my biggest worries is anyone hurting my daughter. But there is also the fear of her hurting someone else, and there is nothing more likely in that respect than when she starts to drive. Thankfully, I am in the position of being a DSA Approved Driving Instructor and am armed with first-hand knowledge which I share with Grace at the tender age of 5. It doesn’t mean that I can protect her from other peoples actions, it just means that I can provide her with the information she needs to drive safely and make sensible decisions.

Brakefollow, the road safety charity in the UK, run a campaign called 2Young2Diefollow and I am proud to say that I am one of Brake’s buddy instructors. This provides me with handouts for all my students regarding the dangers of driving such as drinking and driving and driving when tired. There is also a leaflet giving advice on how to overtake safely – something that alludes many more experienced drivers.

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