Too young to die

We picked up a copy of the local paper the other day, something we rarely do. The headline said: Attempted murder: Girl, 16, fighting for her life. 'Oh yeah, I heard some kids talking about that on my bus,' said my son.


So not only has there been the attempted murder of a 16 year old girl, but my 12 year old son is aware of it before it hits the press?

It made me realise how sheltered our lives are and how we can't keep our kids sheltered forever. I don't want 16 year old girls, or anyone of any age, to be fighting for their life. And I don't want my kids in their safe house, with their two parents and two siblings, their dance classes and rugby teams, to know that kids who are hardly any older than them can be attacked and left fighting for their lives in hospital.

Her alleged attacker has been charged. And who was this attacker? A stranger down a dark alley in the early hours of the morning? No, it was her 18 year old boyfriend. Oh, and did I mention that she was pregnant? Words fail me.

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