Too Much Info

Too Much Info

Too Much Info

When your brain is shutting down. When the pain killers are leaving you unable to think of anything, except how soon bedtime is. When you want to put something down on paper (screen), just to be.

That is where I am at, I am functioning, just. Where do I turn, when this is the case? A meme.

I was tagged by 'Mama, You Talk?' (Who, by the way, has the most amazing reason for her name), to answer the #TMI (See title) post. I have read a few, they are light hearted and funny..........exactly what I need. So here goes:

What are you wearing? Jersey trousers and a Joe Brown top. Pretty standard wear for me.

Ever been in Love? Yes, totally and utterly. I fall in love every time I see my gorgeous hubby's face.

Ever had a terrible break up? Not really. Although I did once avoid a village, simply because I couldn't tell a nice boy I didn't like him anymore!! (about 26 years ago, so I'm guessing he got over it)

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