Too Many Friends

Last Summer I deleted over 1,000 people from my Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram accounts.I do this routinely twice a year to keep in check who I follow. I don’t check if people are following me, that no longer bothers me.Following too many people is, to be counter productive.I want to able to get to know people, engage with them and hopefully them with me.

Sometimes I unfriend/unfollow people I have ‘been friends with’ online for some time.But my life has changed, both in ‘real life’ and behind the screen.People side with certain people, you decide to cut ties and you think that is that.

But not always.Being unfriended/unfollowed by someone you’ve never met, perhaps only chatted to fleetingly doesn’t mean anything.There doesn’t have to be a reason, or maybe it’s really trivial and nothing really to upset by.

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