Tomato and Nigella Seed Bread Rolls

Tomato and Nigella Seed Bread Rolls

I used to make bread in my breadmaker all the time, at least every two or three days and that meant I almost never bought a loaf of bread.    That was before I had children.   Now I find that homemade bread disappears so quickly that I’d be making it every day if I had kept that up.   Instead, I started buying bread and before long I was hardly using my poor old breadmaker at all.

Well, with bread week on the Great British Bake Off I decided it was time I made some bread again.  I chose to make tomato and nigella seed rolls as I’d never made tomato bread before but I had been thinking of trying it at some point.   And the nigella seeds?   Well, I just love nigella seeds in bread and I often used to add them to my everyday bread.

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