Toffee Apple Traybake Recipe

Toffee Apple Traybake Recipe

I haven't been able to join in with Jenny and Helen's Great Bloggers Bake Off for a couple of weeks due to lack of hours in the day, but when I saw that one of this week's themes was the tray bake, I knew that I had to join in as I am the tray bake queen.  I buy the foil trays from Lakeland and each week I will throw at least one tray bake together for the week; whether it be a sponge, a flapjack or brownies, I love the idea of cooking sweet thing en masse to be portioned out for later in the week.  They are great for lunchboxes, after school treats and even for those late night blogging munchies that I always seem to get.

The traybake recipe that I have chosen is sadly not one of my own recipes, but from a lovely book called Everyday Easy Cakes and Cupcakes published by Covent Garden Books.  My mum bought this book for me last year and I use it a lot and I definitely recommend it as there are some classic recipes in there and some really unusual ones too.

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