Toddling Through Autumn

Mummy… Why have the trees turned brown? Why are the leaves on the ground? Can I kick them? Mummy… Why are the mornings so dark? Has the sun gone to bed? Can I go too? Mummy… Where have the flowers gone? Are they hiding? Can I hide? Mummy… Is that a squirrel in the wood? Where is he going? Can I chase him? Mummy… Has the summer gone now? Is it on holiday? Can I go? Mummy… What’s a conker? Can I have one? Ouch. Mummy… Where does rain come from? Can I jump in that puddle? I like puddles. Mummy… Can I wear my wellies to the park? Can I wear them to bed? I like wells. Mummy… Can we watch some fireworks? What are fireworks? (BANG) I don’t like fireworks. Mummy… (yawn) Why is the sky blue? My nose is snuffly. Where’s the Calpol? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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