Toddler in Traction - Dylan's Survival Kit

Toddler in Traction - Dylan's Survival Kit

There is no worse place to spend the summer than in hospital and being stuck in with two under twos was challenging! I couldn't have survived with a smile still on my face without the amazing support I got from family and friends and I am so grateful for everyone who sent thoughts or gifts and who came to visit us. I thought I would share the things that helped Dylan cope with 4 weeks of bedrest, a toddler's survival kit!

Dylan was 23 months when he broke his leg, and suddenly his cosy cot had been replaced with a hospital bed, plastic sheets and open sides. It was important to make his new bed (which he would be spending the next few weeks tied to) as comfy as possible, and so I brought in his teddies that usually live in his cot, as well as a pillow from home that would be a lot less sweaty than the plastic hospital editions.

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