To fail or not to fail

To fail or not to fail

Whether we like it or not, we all face failure at some point in our lives and worse, so will our children. With a post from Not A Frumpy Mum talking about the same thing, it sparked a renewed interest and I've been doing a little reading around the subject. Now I'm clearly far from an expert, but I thought I might weigh in anyway.

I've always been terrible at coping with failure, so much so that even now I tend not to try something for fear of failing or being awful - either that or I give a half arsed attempt so I can say it was because I didn't really try. It's only natural to want to be good at everything and this was especially so for me - despite having a wonderfully supportive family who only ever wanted me to try my best. Somehow though, this had become so deeply ingrained in me that it took a while to realise how ridiculous I was being (thanks mainly to him - the first person to make me realise that it's ok to fail, it's how you cope with it that counts).

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