Tips For Taking A Toddler To Camp Bestival

Tips For Taking A Toddler To  Camp Bestival

We are on Camp Bestivalfollow countdown here – 49 days to go! I am a seasoned festival goer, in fact I have been going to them since I was not much more than a toddler myself, and have been taking my own kids for 17 years since my eldest was born. But if you haven’t attempted it before, then here are my tips!

If you fancy taking in a festival with a toddler, my first bit of advice is choose your festival well. I find small festivals, or ones who have a clearly designated family feel or family area are best. Glastonbury has a brilliant children’s area for example, but Reading and Leeds might not hit the nail on the head! Of course the mother of all family friendly festivals is Camp Bestival, and having gone with an under two in tow last year I can hand on heart say that out of the hundreds of festivals I have been to with small peeps, this is the best!

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