Tips for life after maternity leave

Tips for life after maternity leave My second week back at work and with both boys at nursery is over.

I’m still standing.

The boys haven’t evaporated into a cloud of separation anxiety or abandonment issues.

I haven’t melted into a puddle of tears and heartache.

We’re all coping fine, actually.

It’s nothing short of a miracle.

Except, it’s not really.

In the midst of the maternity leave haze (almost a year of my life which incidentally now feels like a wonderful dream) it was easy to feel anxious about returning to work. I kept banging on about loving my job and independence on this blog, but that was because when the doubt crept in I had to remind myself why on earth I choose to be away from these boys...

Now I’m back at work I’m remembering the reality. I love teaching, and my students, and having grown-up conversations, and my colleagues, and eating lunch in (relative) peace, and having a few hours a day when I know for certain that there is absolutely no snot on either of my shoulders.

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