Time to count your blessings….

Time to count your blessings….

I can’t help but feel sad that New Years Eve marks the end of another year without my Mum and brother and just knowing that I’m about to start another year without them makes me want to just stop everything and have a good wallow in self pity sometimes.

But I won’t do that.  I won’t let myself think about it too much because even though I don’t have them with me, I have a lot of other lovely people around me and I know that I’m very, very lucky and I just need to focus on that a little more.

So every year around this time, I enlist the kid’s help to remind me of all the good things in our life and it never fails to make me smile.  I give them a sharpie and a post it pad and get them to write down everything they’re grateful for and then we stick them all on the back of the door and read them together.

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