Timberrrr! Again. And pesky wildlife.

Timberrrr! Again. And pesky wildlife.

On Saturday we discovered a branch from a tree at the back of our garden hanging on the fence, having somehow become detached from the tree! I posted some pictures on Facebook, we disposed of the leaves and cut the wood ready to be delivered to the Great Hunstanton Wood Store that my Dad is collecting, and thought nothing more of it.

Yesterday, in a brief respite in the rain I thought I'd pop into the garden to water my tomatoes and move some rain sodden wooden garden chairs under cover. The tomatoes were sitting snugly in my greenhouse so they'd also benefit from some outdoor time so they don't get too used to being snug in the greenhouse (and therefore leggy). After all it's a British Summer out there and they'll need to man up a bit to survive...

So imagine my shock to discover we've had another branch down from the same tree.

And to discover it draped over my greenhouse...

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