Timanfaya, Elgolfo and Los Hervideros

Timanfaya, Elgolfo and Los Hervideros

In December 2008 the search was on for some Winter sun. It came in the form of Club La Santa which offered a good deal if we flew back Christmas Day. Located on the NW coast of Lanzarote, the Club La Santa resort is a playground for active people.

The tennis facilities had appealed as we played several times a week at that point. We were excited the surface of the 9 courts was the same as Flushing Meadows. And the fact that it was warm pleased us greatly.

Although there were over 30 sports facilities to enjoy at La Santa, on this occasion we just wanted to play tennis and relax. We did partake in our first yoga class but giggled and fell over throughout. Looking back that might have had something to do with the two beers we had beforehand!

As well as enjoying the resort, we were keen to explore what Lanzarote had to offer. First stop was the Fire Mountains in the Timanfaya National Park. Volcanic activity continues in the region and temperatures just a few metres below the surface still reached a staggering 400-600°C.

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