tim curry

:) Hey everyone I hope you are having a good day/night wherever you are. My artwork that I'm sharing with you today came about while watching the film " IT ", yeah I admit I have never watched it before. I don't know if it was it being about a clown that put me off of that one of my favorite actors Tim Curry was playing an evil clown. A friend of my daughters asked to see my Tim Curry picture I had done before in a previous post " Curry But Not In A Hurry " on her facebook post that she had written, my daughter helped me put it up from Kermit in it. So I gave it a go starting off with trying to draw Kermit and then I did a picture of Long John Silver with Kermit on his shoulder and put it up on my daughters post her friend replied saying it was awesome. I hope you will like it too :)

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