Ties That Bind – What makes us ‘belong’? - Expatlog

Ties That Bind – What makes us ‘belong’? - Expatlog

My last post touched on issues of Identity, a large part of which is tied up with a sense of ‘belonging’. I often hear people talk about feeling comfortable where they ‘fit in’, they mention places where they ‘belong’ or ‘feel at home’. I even came across this blog post that matched countries with Myers-Briggs personality types. So how do you know where you belong?

Today I glanced at the calendar to schedule an appointment for next week and spotted Remembrance Day on Monday. Despite its international importance, a rush of love for the bravery and blitz spirit of the British made my heart contract. But why is this? We didn’t cover the World Wars in history at school so where did this feeling come from? Is it a sense of loyalty? I’m Irish – why doesn’t Eire spring to mind? When, how and why have these tentacles of filial allegiance come about? Familiarity, indoctrination, genuine admiration, a sense of shared identity, homesickness – or a mix of all of them?

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