Tie-Dye Fudge

Tie-Dye Fudge

It looks like play-dough and tastes like white chocolate, but this is Tie Dye Fudge! As you may know, if you follow Cakeyboi regularly, I struggle making ‘normal’ fudge. But I find making it with marshmallow fluff is a really easy no fail way.

I got the idea for tie-dying the fudge as I wanted something spring-like and Eastery for this month’s Treat Petite challenge (the theme being ‘Spring into Easter’). I didn’t know if it had been done before, but I looked on-line and lo and behold – lots of tie-dyed fudge. A lot were red white and blue in colour for 4th July celebrations.

However, I wanted to use what I think are colours you kind of associate with Easter. I used purple, yellow, green, blue and pink. Colours the Easter Bunny would love. It actually turned out like a child’s plasticine gone wrong – so I think kids in particular would love this.

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