Tidying up

Tidying up

What a lovely afternoon it's been! We're on half term here so it meant a whole afternoon in the garden without having to break off to do the school run. Big daughter went into Manchester with a friend so it was just small daughter, me and the dog - for a while, until he broke through the hedge into next door's garden and had to go back into the house in disgrace whilst I did some emergency hedge repairs.

We've got relatives coming to stay with us this weekend, so I wanted to get the garden tidied up a bit just in case the weather is good enough for the children to play outside. The storms have brought down small branches from the trees, blown leaves everywhere and there is just general garden mess that I haven't had much chance to get out to tidy up until now.

It was one of those days to bring out the big guns so out came my shredder. I love my shredder. I love how it turns garden waste into something useful which either goes into the compost bin or onto the borders as mulch.

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