Savoury Profiteroles Recipe: Thyme & Black Pepper Profiteroles Filled With A Mushroom Mousse

Thyme & Black Pepper Profiteroles Filled With A Mushroom Mousse (GBBO #week 9) I recall a twitter converstion that Helen Hollywood and myself had a few months ago about making savoury profiteroles and what we would fill them with. I remember thinking back then that I would love to try a mushroom filled one as I love old skool mushroom vol au vents served at buffets!

So let me present to you Thyme and Black Pepper Profiteroles filled with a Mushroom Mousse ( not as fancy as they sound really , read on!). These worked first time – my savoury choux pastry baked perfectly (unlike my sweet ones which took 5 – yes 5 attempts!), and I was amazed and chuffed! I may have done a little happy dance in my kitchen ha ha!

Now these little bit sized canapes may not have the wow factor in terms of appearance BUT they tasted lovely. The thyme and black pepper in the choux pastry added a nice herby flavour and the mushroom mousse was so mushroomy!!! Mmmmmm!

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