Through the chunnel to Bruges

Through the chunnel to Bruges

Having discovered a great deal with Eurotunnel, last weekend saw POD enjoy her first train journey albeit among a sea of cars! We set off for Folkestone early in the morning, capturing an incredible sunrise in the process. POD said “look the sky is on fire” and it really did look like it was.

Our journey across the channel to Calais only took 25 minutes with the drive to Bruges an hour or so from there. It was a beautifully sunny day too so we got to admire the view whilst navigating the way to our Belgian hotel.

After a speedy check-in, we headed off with Ben Elf on the hunt for food. POD took great delight in saying “Bonjour” to the people on the table next to us many times over. Thankfully they had a sense of humour and found it entertaining. It was all very exciting for POD although she wasn’t overly impressed with my moules!

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