Thrifty Fashion: Eco and Frugal Wedding Rings

Thrifty Fashion: Eco and Frugal Wedding Rings

“If you like it then you should have put a (frugal and environmentally friendly) ring on it!”

What are your options for inexpensive and eco/ fairly traded engagement and wedding rings? Here are some ideas to consider:

Estate Jewellery The engagement and wedding bands pictured are on my cousin’s hand and were from Trade Me (New Zealand version of EBay) for a true bargain. She tells me that she had the choice of many beautiful vintage rings for just a fraction of the cost. You just can’t be weird about wearing rings from a deceased person… Get searching amongst antique dealers and Ebay- or better yet, Great Granny’s jewellery box.

Small, Independent Designers My own ring was made for me by my brilliant goldsmith friend. You might not all have goldsmith mates- but there are many brilliant independents doing wedding bands out there.

A browse on Etsy returns heaps of options- one reader used Etsy and found a goldsmith in Berlin she was delighted with.

CRED go that one step further by using certified Fair Trade silver and gold and their designs are stunning.

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