Three Plus One...

Three Plus One...

If you’re friends with me on Facebook, then you’ll already have seen my not-so-subtle, monochrome addition to my photos. However, if you didn’t see it then you won’t know what I’m on about!

It’s official, our little family of three (well, four including Chuck!) is about to add one more to its numbers, as Husband and I are expecting our second child. Sausage is absolutely thrilled at the prospect of being a big sister, she came with us to the scan and seeing her face when we explained that the movement on the screen was actually tiny arms and legs was just priceless, in fact I wish we’d managed to get a photo of that too!

I’m around 13 weeks gone, although the sonographers keep changing my dates by a day or two either way, but we’ll be meeting Baby on or around the 10th March.

So far, this pregnancy has been totally different to my last. With Sausage, I discovered I was pregnant because I had such violent hyperemesis that I managed to tear a whole in my oesophagus.

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