Three Parcel Challenge: Showing You Care

Three Parcel Challenge: Showing You Care

I am probably a bit of a social media addict. I check Facebook throughout the day, and I found the 24 twitter silence difficult. For me, social media plugs up otherwise boring parts of the day. It does mean, though, that I know what friends are up to without having to contact them. While in some ways this is good, I also think it’s a bit of a shame. It means that there are some people I don’t speak to as often anymore, because we can both see what the other one is up to via social media.

Since having Ebony, I’ve struggled to keep in touch with people. Where before, I may have had time to ring friends while walking home, I’m now entertaining a toddler. In the past, I had evenings free to catch up with friends, but now I spend them trying to get Ebony to sleep. Days, weeks and even months pass so fast. I can manage the odd short email, text and Facebook message, but I struggle with phone calls, lengthy emails and detailed letters. On the rare occasions I’m not with Ebony, I’m usually working.

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