Three Little Words

You see, the boys have a favourite phrase that I hear at least a dozen times a day. It’s only three words. Three innocuous little words that when uttered in the same breath rip at my soul and induce tears of despair. Three words that make me question my will to be a stay at home dad, nigh to live. Three simple words …

“Lets play cars”.

I’ve tried to embrace it, by god I’ve tried, but I have nothing left to offer. Nothing!

My nightmares are now littered with burnt out Corgi cars abandoned along a desolate hot wheels track to nowhere, or hell, or worse still the temporary traffic lights on the coffee table.

Every hour of every day the cars will meet in the middle of the floor.

They introduce themselves, and then comes that awkward silence where I’m faced with the expectant stare of two boys and the eager glare of many headlights.

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