Thoughtful Gifts

Thoughtful Gifts

I love giving and receiving presents and I like putting a lot of thought into gifts. Some people are really difficult to buy for and I enjoy the challenge of finding a present for them. Recently though I ended up buying Xbox points for a family member because it was almost impossible to think of something to buy for them. That said when I see a really thoughtful present, it makes me happy that someone has put as much thought into giving gifts as I do.

Recently, we had our regular celebration of Daddy Flower's parents' anniversary. We all swap presents at this time. We bought some smellies from Lush for some family members and various other thoughtful presents. But we received some nice presents too.

Someone bought me a CD that I've wanted forever! It reminds me of my childhood and journeys to holidays etc. But Daddy Flower had a really thoughtful gift. He loves it

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