#ThisIsMyChild. Actually, I have two. These Are My Children.

#ThisIsMyChild. Actually, I have two. These Are My Children.

ASD PDA I think that in order to help others help us parents of children with additional needs more, we need to help inform the general public more. A lot of ignorance is exactly that - a lack of understanding. How can people be expected to understand if we don't tell it how it is?

So This Is My Child. As the title says though, what's important to me is that there are two children here. We have two beautiful girls (yes, I'm biased, I've said that before). Often, siblings are forgotten when it comes to special needs. Not usually by their own parents, for we try even harder to make up for the difficulties they face. The challenges they go through daily are generally unseen and so not appreciated by others outside the home, and they don't generally ask for rewards for their great efforts. They are the unsung heroes and I firmly believe we should give them extra support and rewards.

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