This is my child

This is my child

"This is my child", is a new campaign to raise awareness to children with disabilities in the UK. The campaign is intended to raise awareness and bust myths about children with disabilities, especially invisible disabilities and in those, disabilities that cause behavioural difficulties. I want to support this campaign wholeheartedly. I should support it. I had every intention of supporting it. I even sent in a photo of Yon, and he's in there in the middle of the photo-collage. A big part of the campaign is personal stories, and people started writing posts and stories and tweets about their children, about their experiences, and about everything they go through every day, and what bother them most about the way people treat them and their children. The stories are heart-wrenching. They truly are. I sat here crying with each and every one of the mums who shared her story. And once again I felt I don't completely belong. Why don't I belong? I should belong. After all Yon has OA.

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