this child is filthy

this child is filthy

And…THIS ^^ is what Mateo looked like after his big family birthday party in our backyard yesterday.

The big T-W-O was successfully celebrated with of LOTS of food (yum), lots of presents (I think he’s set for the year), and lots of family (nineteen of us to be exact – from three different states).

The highlight of Mateo’s day?? Cake? Presents? Games? Nope — This dirt box was king. Literally a cardboard box filled with dirt. He never wandered too far from his trucks and that dirt. Which is pretty much the story of every other day. Of course yesterday he had his second cousins as company & invited a few new presents to the mess. ;) That elephant is new and two other children also ended their day looking like they’d been working at a coal mine. Maybe we should invest in a sandbox. :/ - See more at:

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