Third Birthday Dinosaur Party!

Third Birthday Dinosaur Party!

Little G loves dinosaurs. So at her suggestion, we held a dinosaur picnic party. This was her first party so I wanted it to be special and memorable for all of us. I wanted to keep it small and sweet and manageable. So I decided to keep it age appropriate (you don’t need games for three year olds) and low key (holding it at home).

What I did: - Chose a theme – Dinosaurs! - Chose a colour theme – yellow and aqua…sunny happy colours. - Picked up some cheap yellow spotty bunting to decorate the garden with (or party flags as Little G calls them!) - Picked up lots of balloons…yellow and aqua (plus organised for a bunch of helium balloons via Balloon Wise…never underestimate how much children love helium balloons!) - I found a box of cheap plastic dinos (£1 each) and spray painted them yellow, adding little turquoise ribbons…these were then hidden in the garden for the children to find and keep (a mini dinosaur hunt!) - Made a couple of big cardboard dinos (one in the garden and one on the table)...and more....

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