Things you never knew were dangerous....

Things you never knew were dangerous....

If you thought taking a job interview was anxiety-provoking, then you should try having small children to put it into perspective.

From the moment they can crawl, each new place you visit turns into a haven of potential death-traps and, through some kind of sleuthian biological imperative, you transform into a hazard-spotting Sherlock.

I had my first sight of this pre-pregnancy, when a friend of mine came to stay with her two children under the age of five. As soon as she walked through our door, she was visibly scanning the place for dangers we had never thought to notice. The lampshade that was listing over to one side, almost touching a naked bulb. The plug whose wiring was exposed at the base. The collection of heavy wine-bottles arranged precariously on top of the wobbly fridge, at just the right height to render senseless any small person unfortunate to cause a bottle to fall...the list went on, and the Daddy D and I were soon cowering under our sofa in terror. Whoever knew our house could be so scary?

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