Things you need as a touchline mum

Things you need as a touchline mum - Stressy Mummy

Something has happened to me over recent years.  Slowly but surely, it has crept up on me without me really noticing, but I can now call myself a fully fledged touchline mum.  People who know me well will laugh hysterically at that affirmation.  I’m not, nor have I ever been a particularly sporty person.  I don’t really do sport or exercise for that matter and I absolutely do not ever watch sport. Marrying a self-confessed sport nut was possible my first mistake.  Add three sons to the mix and I really had to admit defeat as they are all sporty. The teen was a late developer and only really discovered a love of sport in his early teens when he discovered rugby.  His younger brothers however have been sporty from birth. As soon as they could move, they connected with balls of any shape or size and once on their feet, I have been subjected to footballs, rugby balls and all sorts of balls flying around my house and garden.

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