Things to do in the Isle of Wight with kids

Things to do in the Isle of Wight with kids

There are loads of things to do on the Isle of Wight with kids. The island lies just a few miles off the coast of Hampshire in southern England and is a motorway-free oasis. I visited the Isle of Wight in October with my husband and ten year-old son and these are some of the great things to do there with children.

Go fossil hunting

In 2009 four year-old Daisy Morris discoveredfollow fossils from a previously unknown dinosaur species on Atherfield beach. Thrillingly, the pterosaur species Daisy discovered has since been named after her as Vectidraco daisymorrisaefollow. The Isle of Wight is Europe’s most important site for dinosaur fossils because of its soft clay cliffs which are continuously crumbling into the sea releasing the prehistoric remains they contain. Compton Bay and Brighstone beach are some of the best places to find fossils. At Compton Bay you can even walk in some giant iguanadon footprints made around 120 million years ago. Dinosaur Isle (below) offers some great guided family fossil walks, which you need to book in advance.

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