Things to do as a couple before baby arrives

Things to do as a couple before baby arrives

It's November, which means we have anything from 9 - 13 weeks before baby arrives. I wanted to write a list of the things that both me and Mani want to do together before our lives descend into parenthood.

We were talking the other night about things we want to do that won't really be possible once baby is here. This is what we came up with.

♥ Go see a movie

♥ Go out for a quiet dinner in a quaint pub in the countryside

♥ Go away for a weekend

♥ Go out for tea and cake over Christmas and buy baby a christmas tree decoration for next year

♥ Have a day of just eating nibbles, drinking tea and watching movies

♥ Enjoy what Sundays we have left with specially made breakfasts like pancakes and cinnamon bread

♥ Appreciate being able to lie in on the weekends

♥ Do something spontaneous one day, be it go for a walk, go out for lunch or a drink or shopping

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