There’s snow business like snow business

There’s snow business like snow business

Hi everyone

Well it’s back to Inspiration choir rehearsals, and although you were all on week two it’s my first week back. What a difference a week makes!

I’m not sure if you heard, but last week Greece was the word. Not the Olivia Newton John type of ‘Grease’, although I was on a few occasions a Pink Lady, more of a Shirley Valentine-esque Greece. I’ve been to Skiathos where they filmed ‘Mamma Mia’ and it was lovely. I found myself saying “gorgeous” nearly every other word, the gorgeous blue seas were gorgeous along with the gorgeous, ‘erm gorgeous weather. You get the idea I’m sure that I’ll never be a travel writer!

It was two much needed weeks of sunshine, laughter and Abba songs. I’ve laughed so hard that my sides ached, and for a while I forgot about my back pain. We hired a catamaran to sail around Skopelos, stopping off to swim in secluded bays (secluded until we got there and wrecked the peace). We even tried a bit of synchronised swimming, although hopes of our display making it to the next Olympics were sunk through our over indulging.

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