There's never enough time...

There's never enough time...

When the big 3- uh oh started to loom, I began to realise just how much a woman's life can be governed by not just her age, but by time. Like most of the females around me, I felt an enormous pressure to achieve so many goals by the time I was a certain age. 'Your clock is ticking' apparently...well I think the clock sucks. Big time.

Who's idea was it that you needed to have achieved your career goals by a certain age? Who decided that you need find a partner by a particular time in your life? Who said that you should be married by a specific time? Who made the rule that you need to have a baby by a deadline? Who made time the boss?

It's a sad day when you realise that your biological clock along with your heart and head are ruled by this thing called time. If only we had more time.

Not just time to achieve the big things, but also time to enjoy all the little things. Time hasn't changed, but the way we utilise our time has changed immensely.

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