There Comes A Time…

Where you have to make decisions! I am not that great at them.

I usually try to avoid them I admit that.

But there does come a time when I get really moody as a decision has to be made and I am hell to live with.

That has been the case for a while, I wasn’t happy with the blog, well blogs, I changed that hoping it would help. It didn’t and to be honest I knew that it wouldn’t. Although it did help my blogging, I love having this site and being here, but it didn’t help my grumpiness in general. Mainly because they were a problem having so many, but they weren’t the REAL problem.

You see the real issue has been the business, it has been for a while.

Boo is demanding, I am not going to lie, he has thrown some serious curve balls into this parenting malarkey and I have found it really hard. Reflux, bronchitis, croup all things he can’t help but my goodness it has been hard.

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