#ThePrompt Guilty Pleasures

#ThePrompt Guilty Pleasures

Dare I really share with you all my guilty pleasures.

You may read this post and then never return.

You may ignore all tweets and unfollow me if I shared my true guilty pleasures, or maybe not.

I truly doubt it as I am not that interesting enough to have a guilty pleasure that bad I’m afraid. So let me tell you what my guilty pleasures really are. I only have a few and there aren’t really that exciting either.

I shared this first one during the same prompt over on #TheGallery with Tara at Sticky Fingers, and that is I love to have a sneaky Starbucks when I’m out shopping. It is my guilty pleasure as my eldest loves Starbucks too but I never let him know when I’ve been otherwise I’d have to bring him one back too!

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