Themed Stockings

Themed Stockings

Themed Stockings It's December, so it's OK to talk about Christmas now........right?!

Oh come on all you scrooges at the back, it's not that long now. Even if you stick with the 12 days before and after rule, in regards to trimmings, you will be decorating in 4 days! Yes it really is that soon.

So, with that in mind, I have decided to talk about a bit of a 'tradition'. It started when I was in my teens, the ~themed stocking~ What is it, I hear you cry........No? really?! Tough crowd.

My mum has a wicked sense of humour, and has always done a joke present. For example, the one year she bought my brother, that detests false teeth, a set of wind up false teeth!  Funny?.....Definitely! A little cruel? Pah, nooooo.

Any way, one year, she went with a full on joke Christmas Stocking. I was a teen in the 80's, think big hair kept solid with mousse and hair spray, it did not move. So my mum filled my stocking with hair spray, and body spray (impulse was relatively new, and I was obsessed with it).

I thought it was inspired and very, very funny.

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