The Yoghurt

The Yoghurt

Apart from the seemingly eternal, unkind pregnancy nausea, I remember only splendid moments of 2012. I even started to note them and they seem to multiply on this basis.

1 spectacular to mention is the way our daughter defines success. She finishes eating, for the very first time alone with her spoon, rice with trout, and applauds with an unquestionable satisfaction. Yes, she must be terribly influenced by what we call success. But you should also see her concentration and perseverance when she tries for the thousandth time to hold the spoon in a good direction, to do it without pushing over the feather-light yoghurt pot, to refill it right when the pot is too full and also when too empty, and to get the hungry belly what it wants in reasonable time. All of which, a couple of months earlier I considered a ridiculous fiction...

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