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It's official, I'm allergic to housework. No, really!!!

House dust mite, cat dander and moulds - all came up strongly positive on my blood test and my IgE level was more than ten times the top limit of normal. My consultant recommended that I hire a cleaner and tackle no DIY or gardening!

He also suggested that we get rid of the cat. But how can you do that exactly when she's been part of the family for the past twelve years? I discussed it with my other half and naturally the family would rather it was me who packed my bags and got re-homed.

As you can imagine, the rest of the family were entirely supportive and offered to do everything fell about laughing and asked if I was joking. Questions were asked about what I actually could do?!

We hired a cleaner and hubby took over the garden (although my addiction to pruning things is sometimes overwhelming and I do it anyway). I always come out in a rash and feel dreadful afterwards - a cold shower, followed by a liberal application of hydrocortisone cream usually helps.

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