The Word Doctor - kidGLloves

The Word Doctor - kidGLloves

Greetings my most excellent friends, welcome to my ‘Dear Lucas’ page,

I won’t mind admitting to you that I am absolutely exhausted. Since just before Christmas I have been running around non-stop. Firstly, my stage debut as Joseph in my reception class’ Nativity Play was an absolute triumph. Such was the acclaim, adoration and autograph requests that I actually found myself sympathising with that American singer Justin Bieber (Dad says he’s an ‘oxygen thief’ which I think is rather naughty of him. He obviously gets a lot of money for singing so he shouldn’t need to steal anything!) Christmas was a blur of opening presents and eating Haribo; that’s extremely hard work in itself and now I find myself back at school. It’s a hard life being five…………………….

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