The Week That Was: Instagrammed #7

The Week That Was: Instagrammed #7

I normally write my The Week That Was post on a Sunday evening, but last week we were ill. We’re still ill. We’ve all come down with a rather epic strain of man-flu. Well, I say “all” but E seems to have come out of this one pretty much unscathed apart from a cough *touches all the wood and hopes he doesn’t wake up pale and pukey tomorrow* I’m convinced this is another delightful viral gift from nursery. Bloody, sodding nursery always infecting us with the plague. J and I feel decidedly horrendous, but it’s my poor little Bean who has suffered the most. He’s a bleary-eyed mess with a hacking cough, high temperature, rivers of snot (soz) and just THE most despairing little face ever. I’d forgotten how heartbreaking and helpless it feels when babies get poorly. Suffice to say I didn’t have time to do my usual TWTWI post last week...

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