The week in pictures

The week in pictures

An unplanned three-hour walk, decorating and falling over hasn’t helped the poorly back this week! Blogging has taken a back seat over evenings spent horizontal. Most of these photographs have been taken whilst standing, aside from the crocuses which were in such an awkward position, I almost got my head stuck in-between the steps of POD’s playhouse!

Welcome to Project 365: Week #9.

Day 54

Having recently discovered the Devil’s Punch Bowl, we were back on Sunday to show Daddy. The plan was a good walk followed by lunch and decorating POD’s room. We went for the shortest route so we could take in the Devil’s Punch Bowl but leave enough time to get everything done.

But Daddy didn’t want to walk back on himself and he was convinced if we carried on walking we’d end up back where we started. We got so lost we ended up off the National Trust map, at one point having to carry the buggy and POD! Although it took us three hours to get back (we rewarded ourselves with cake), we saw some amazing sights including this beautiful wild pony.

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